I teach hatha flow, which for me means a balance between strengthening and stretching while linking our movements to our breaths. I like to start my classes with a short warm up, then I focus on stretching from the legs up to the core, then to the arms. After the strengthening portion of class, I focus on stretching again from the bottom up.

In the beginning of class I always like to ask if there are any requests, if so I happily incorporate that into what we’re doing that day. Often times I find that even if it’s only one request, it benefits the entire group. I love to break down poses that are seemingly difficult and help my students to understand these poses so that it doesn’t seem intimidating. I really enjoy helping and encouraging my students to play at their boundaries and explore new territory in their practices all while listening to their bodies and not pushing themselves before they are ready.

Once a month I teach a focused class that usually incorporates deeper stretching in a particular part of the body. These classes are a fun mixture of a regular hatha flow mixed with a workshop vibe. I take more time to break down poses and often times explore poses that I don’t normally teach (due to the fact that they require more warming up than the average pose). These classes really help to deepen your awareness and understanding of your body and flexibility in general.