Testimonials: What Our Members Are Saying About Us

Alanna Giustizia, CPA, CA

I have been practicing yoga for several years, and have had the opportunity to practice at many different studios and with many different teachers.  A few months ago I started to practice at Sun Yoga studio.  Sun Yoga offered exactly what I was looking for -high quality yoga instruction in an intimate yet energetic setting.

I was so impressed with Jasna’s passion and approach to providing individual attention while leading classes that I decided try private lessons.  While I had made steady improvement over 4 years of practicing regularly, my investment in 5 private classes has improved my yoga practice over a few short weeks by 100%. I get so much more out of each yoga class now and have gained the knowledge and confidence to supplement my classes with my practicing on my own at home, something I had never done before.

Jasna co-created each private class with me. She has an innate ability to remember the specifics of all of her students and she balanced the private classes between working on areas she knew I would benefit from with spending time on things I wanted to improve.

I would highly recommend private classes to anyone who starting yoga, or anyone who wants to make a step-change in the quality of their practice.

Sharon from Oakville writes:

“How Sun Yoga changed my life”
“April 2013 I walked in to Sunyoga with my head down and shoulders slumped. My doctor had advised me to try yoga and to be honest I was not sure I would even like it. I had never practiced yoga before and at 43 I was no spring chicken.
I proceeded to tell Jasna my health issues, how my son had broken his back playing hockey and previously broken his wrists three times, all with low impact activities.
After numerous tests we found out that Luke has juvenile osteoporosis, Having fractured many bones myself as a child I was advised to have a bone density scan, and just like Luke I was told I had osteoporosis. We are still waiting for further test results to see if it is osteogenesis imperfectra a genetic condition which causes bones to break much easier.
So I was told to do yoga to improve my posture as my back was already starting to curve.
I signed up and took some classes. It took some time for me to get use to all the poses, and to build up the strength in my arms due to previous fractures in my collar bone, wrists, and hand, but I was determined to get stronger for my health, and guess what I was loving every minute of it.
I have been practicing at least 5/6 times a week or more for the last 10 months now.
I recently had a check up with my bone doctor and to my surprise they took my height and I am 1 inch taller than my last visit. How amazing is that? My arms are much stronger and I have no osteoporosis in them, fantastic news.
Now I practice as much as I can at least 6 times a week. I drink lemon water in the morning instead of coffee and recently started juicing. Yoga will always be part of my life and I just want to keep on learning more and more.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jasna for all her help and guidance with myself and my son Luke, much appreciated. You will be seeing me around for a long time.

Sharon Otter

Lisa from Oakville writes:

At “Sun Yoga”, and with the variety of classes that are available, the instructors are truly dedicated and committed to helping guide you through your own personal journey. And it is with this guidance, expertise and support I’ve received a great gift…..the willingness to accept, the openness to understand and appreciate and the desire to go forward both physically and mentally! Namaste”

Natalee from Oakville writes:

“A moving meditation” When Jasna asked me to write this testimonial I felt honored and then, I felt anxious just thinking “what a challenging request!” Soon I realized that as in life, the answer was in the way I approach my yoga practice, face the challenge, and be strong and firm, but patient. My name is Natalee and I’m going to tell you about my journey with yoga.

I was given the gift of yoga a little more than a year ago; and it was my moment to receive it. I learned so many things about my body and my mind that I could not understand before. I learned that you need to listen to your body in order to be strong, but that strength is not only physical but mental as well as spiritual.

To say that about 2 years ago my life was not at a place where I thought it would be is an understatement. However, I was fortunate enough to discover that sometimes life does not go as planned; thanks to yoga I now understand that it is OK when life throws you a curve ball, because even when you have done a pose before, the best way to come into a pose is as if it is your first time.

In addition, I understood that it was OK not to have expectations, because sometimes challenges arise from within, and thus are self-imposed. After the first few practices I started to realize that everyone was so into themselves that no one was looking at me, let alone judging me. This is something that I brought into my daily life. What an amazing thing to dedicate an hour to yourself without judgment or criticism!

Moreover, I understood that listening to my body also means paying attention to what is happening physically. That is why I decided to lose weight and get healthier; both by exercising more, and eating better. It was not a matter of vanity, but of being healthy inside and out; though I will not deny the fact that it is much easier to twist!

I love going to Sun Yoga, I admit that about a year ago I went to another studio in Toronto, but I found myself comparing it to Sun Yoga; there and then and without a doubt I decided that the studio for my practice is Sun Yoga. One of the many things that I love about the studio is its environment; but above all I love the people, both the instructors with their helpful comments, attitude, and the way they make my family and I feel welcome, as well as the fellow practitioners and their amazing energy.

Whenever is possible, I practice yoga 4 times a week. However, I enjoy the gift of yoga every day of my life. Happy Yoga!”

Lee Preston from Oakville writes:

Jasna, I am so grateful for the many changes in my health and my life thanks to the simple act of attending yoga classes at your studio. When I began taking classes just a few months ago, I was depressed and unhealthy. Now depression has become a thing of the past and my body is stronger and more flexible than ever. I have not felt this good in years and years! No matter how my day has been going, the moment I walk through your door, being greeted by you with your big smile, I always begin to feel better. In fact, I ALWAYS feel 100% better after my class. Always. I thank you so much!!!!

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”..anonymous

Val from Oakville writes:

“In January 2016, I went to visit a quaint little Yoga studio. I was broken, both emotionally as well as physically. That’s where I met Jasna. After telling her a bit about my history as a long distance runner and triathlete, I began to explain how everything had changed for me.  I was involved in a car accident and ended up with multiple fractures in my neck and spine. After 4 years of physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncture, and the list goes on, I felt shattered and exhausted of it all. Not being able to run or cycle any longer, I thought, maybe I should try to find relief from yoga.

I felt like a fish out of water when I went to my first yoga session, but that soon changed.  I stuck with it and now, one year later , and a lot of help from Jasna, I feel so much better. My strength has come back. Emotionally I feel great, and most of all, I am no longer in constant pain and discomfort. Now, I don’t just go to yoga, but I have an understanding, of the art of Yoga. Now, I get it!  It’s so much more than what I thought it was. Sun Yoga, is a great studio. The instructors are all very passionate about what they do and are always ready to help and answer any questions. Since walking through Sun Yoga’s front door one year ago, I have met so many wonderful people.

Although I still miss running and cycling very much, I can honestly say that I have found my new favourite passtime. Who knows if all goes well, I’ll be back on my bike this spring. Thanks to Jasna and the team at Sun Yoga.

Charlie from Oakville writes:

Before my first Bio-energy session with Jasna, I was fairly unsure about the natural rehabilitation treatment that was about to be offered to me. Recurring stresses from personal, relationship, and work factors had me convinced that I would need more then my own inner energy to find relaxation and peace of mind. Despite my scepticism and uncertainty, I can confidently say that my four sessions with Jasna significantly improved my overall well-being and mental struggles. By offering a calm, quiet, and barren environment, I was able to channel my inner energy and retain true relaxation to my body and mind. It was amazing to feel the effects of Jasna’s practices, and literally sense my own energy being utilized to fullest potential. Since my treatment, I have been able to withhold a calm state during stressful or conflicting events, and allow myself to truly relax, for the first time in quite a while.

I personally recommend Jasna Bio-energy treatment techniques. Not only is the process all natural and free of any formulated medications, but it is also a great opportunity to realize the power of inner strength, and the extensive healing that one’s own energy can truly provide.