About Jasna and bio-energy therapy

Jasna is a Certified Practitioner of Zdenko Domancic Method

Jasna received her certification in Bio-energy as a Bio-energy Therapist in Opatija, Croatia having studied with Zdenko Domancic. She is one of only a handful of professional practitioners trained in the “Domancic Method” here in Canada. In 2007 the Domancic Method was brought to the West, but it has been practiced in Europe for the past 35 years. In addition to being a Bio-energy Therapist, Jasna is also a Yoga Instructor and a Reiki Master.

Jasna experienced the benefits of yoga and Reiki many years ago, which transformed her on all levels including body, mind and spirit. She has helped many people by providing guidance by using her talents as a truly inspiring teacher and Reiki Master. Jasna is sensitive to other people’s emotions and has a natural gift for delivering just the right words at just the right time.

BIO-ENERGY is the life sustaining force of the universe. There is no life without bio-energy. The method that Jasna learned is gentle, non-invasive, sustainable and is the safest way to promote health by using life itself. Keeping the immune system in good working order is the only way to prevent illness and ensure your body stays healthy energetically, physically and emotionally. Every cell is surrounded and supported by this energy which also acts like a miniature wire, providing both a blueprint for the physical body and also as an information network between the body, mind and spirit.

How do bio-energy practitioners’ work and what can you expect?

The Domancic Bioenergy Therapist channels energy that is all around us, and supplies it to the client’s body according to protocols that have been developed by Zdenko Domancic. The body is capable of healing itself when the energy is provided to it. The therapy will help the body to boost the immune system, eliminate pain, regenerate tissue and directly increase the blood circulation. It has remarkable results with diseases like MS, depression, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Bio-energy Therapy is safe and suitable for everyone from the elderly to the young and is also effective with animals. Some people are naturally sensitive to their bio-field being worked and may experience sensations of heat, coldness, air or tingling. Others simply enjoy a space to unwind and relax. Your bio-field is an energy picture of your physical body. It is alive with information to regulate all your biological functions.

Bio-energy Therapy treatments can be given in 2 ways:

Private sessions – One-on-One

The method can be practiced in person, on a one-on-one basis. One treatment includes 4 sessions in a row. Each session is 20-30 minutes long.

In a group

The second way Bio-energy Therapy can be given is in a group setting. Being able to participate in a group can be more relaxing for participants, and when this is offered in a non-medical, light-hearted atmosphere, people can become more receptive to the healing process.

Recent Testimonial

“As a designer, lifting, hauling and overextending are everyday occurrences for me. This has caused my back to painfully seize up and not allow me to do my job or the everyday things we take for granted.
The thought of going “back” to the Chiropractor was almost just as painful due to the costly and long process.
I decided to consult Jasna about her bio-energy healing abilities and WOW, I am glad I did! I really had no idea what to expect, but I was open to Jasna’s treatment because I completely trust and have confidence in her.
The first treatment was an absolutely amazing experience that had me feeling positive results immediately. By the fourth and last treatment, my back pain was completely gone leaving me feeling refreshed and peaceful. Yes, I am still mystified how bio-energy healing works, but I am grateful that I allowed myself to be open-minded to try it. Weeks later, I am still feeling positive changes physically, but also a healing on a deeper level that I did not anticipate. — Natalie

I highly recommend Jasna’s bio energy treatment for any ailment. It is truly miraculous!
Thank you Jasna for always being understanding and kind.
Liz Clay
The Well Dressed Room

The Domancic Method is Not Medicine – it is a way of understanding the healing process

Although the Domancic Method is a very effective and powerful modality that helps improve serious health conditions, it is NOT a medical treatment, nor do Domancic Method practitioners practice medicine in any form.

The Domancic Method is gentle, non invasive and is the safest method of healing, as all it uses is LIFE itself.
We do not claim or pretend to be doctors, nor want to be doctors or any other type of medical professionals.

We do not prescribe or give anything to ingest (i.e. drugs, pills, herbs, etc.)

We do not physically manipulate bones or any part of the body.

We do not advise about or diagnose any health condition.

We do not scan.

We do not use any needles, equipment or machines.

We do not address illness. We acknowledge and address health.

There are no rituals, no symbols, no religious affiliations.

Individual and group events take place in a non-medical environment. The atmosphere is relaxed, casual and supportive.

We touch people only with their explicit consent and at their discretion.

We do not need to touch anyone since we work with a person’s Biofield, not their physical body. Conforming to the principles of quantum physics, Bio-energy therapy is effectively practiced a millimetre or 10 thousand miles away from the client.

We do not “CURE” anyone. Bioenergy therapy jump-starts a person’s own healing mechanism to restore the body’s original state of well being by using bioenergy to optimize the function of the immune system.