Introduction to Yoga: A Beginners Guide

Welcome to our studio! We invite you to explore the website and learn about us. Feel free to call us and see which classes might work best for you.

We are focusing on the fundamental Hatha Yoga postures and breath awareness. Be prepared to do Sun Salutations, standing, balancing, seated and twisting poses. The class is focused on improving flexibility, building strength and grace. By the end of class you will have worked every major muscle group. You will feel rejuvenated and calm.

Guidelines for Practice

To ensure you have a pleasant, rewarding experience at our studio, we ask you to please observe the following guidelines when attending classes at Sun Yoga Studios:

  • While in the studio, please refrain from using your phone.
  • Allow yourself some time to sign in and get ready for class. Arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Wait about three hours after a large meal, two hours after a light snack before practicing.
  • Wear comfortable, clothing. Yoga requires freedom of movement; be prepared to sweat.

Always inform the teacher of any injuries or restrictions before class begins. Your instructor should be aware of any serious health conditions such as neck, back, or joint injuries, recent surgery, high blood pressure, pregnancy, etc.

If you would prefer not to be assisted during class for any reason, communicate this with the instructor.

For the comfort of others, please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.

If you must leave class early, please place your mat near the door at the start of class.

Our instructors always appreciate knowing ahead of time when you intend to leave early.