Inversion Table

Inversion Table

We now have our very own Inversion Table for your personal use.

Everyone can benefit from a few minutes on an inversion table.

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One – 10 minute session               $5

Five – 10 minute session pass    $25

An inversion table is a gentle way to target pain in very specific areas of the body.  It has tremendous benefits for all weight-bearing joints as it allows each joint to be decompressed by the same weight that compresses it while upright.

Inverted decompression creates a perfect stretch that improves spinal health and targets back pain by helping to:

–       Rehydrate discs

–       Reduce nerve pressure

–       Realign the spine

–       Relax tense muscles

It also helps to:

–       Ease stress

–       Improve joint health

–       Increase flexibility

–       Improve fitness & build core strength

In just a few minutes, you can feel great!


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December 8, 2018