Do you want to improve your stamina for playing golf, gardening, playing with grandchildren, travelling or doing whatever you enjoy? Yoga is a wonderful practice for building flexibility and strength at any age. Yoga for Seniors invites participants into poses and stretches with options to participate at your comfort level. Thus, Yoga for Seniors  is a gentle yet energizing practice of bringing awareness of mind and body through deep breathing and paying attention to your body in order to invite movement with sensation and ease as opposed to movement with strain or pain. This class is taught by Monica Briscall, a retired educator who completed her yoga teacher training as a way of building her knowledge and understanding of the practice of yoga. This coupled with her experience of engaging with her aging parents and other seniors has fuelled a desire to encourage all seniors to find an activity such as yoga that not only keeps you strong and flexible but carries over into building an active healthy lifestyle that can have a positive impact on the quality of life at any age.